Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the senior internal policy and advisory group to the Director, NIAID. Weekly meetings provide a forum for discussing and setting important Institute-wide scientific and management policies and discussing special concerns and decisions that affect NIAID programs.

The Executive Committee consists of NIAID senior scientific and management staff, as well as several ad hoc members who provide program staff-level input.

The Executive Committee reviews all new, expansion, and renewal program initiatives at the earliest possible stage of project development to provide the NIAID director and senior staff the opportunity to discuss and consider the merit and relationship of all projects to the mission and programs of the Institute.

The Executive Committee, chaired by the former NIAID Director, Dr. Fauci, is also the vehicle through which senior NIAID management communicates with Institute program staff regarding issues and policies being considered for implementation at both the NIAID and National Institutes of Health levels.

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