After You Submit an Application

Paylines & Funding

See NIAID paylines and financial information for the current fiscal year (FY). Get background information on how opportunity planning ties in with each fiscal year's budget cycle, and learn how paylines and budget information changes throughout the year.


Track Application Using eRA Commons

After submitting, be on the lookout for incoming notifications about your application's status as it moves through the process. Your application will need to pass both and Commons validations, so know what validations do and do not do. If your application has problems that stop it from going forward, you will need to correct them before the deadline.

Review Process

Learn about the assignment and review process. Find out how you hear back about review results and your next steps.

Responding to Pre-Award Requests (Just-in-Time)

Some important time-sensitive information isn't part of your application. Instead, you prepare it separately and send it before award, a process called just-in-time (JIT). Learn how to interpret the NIH and NIAID JIT information requests, whether you need to send JIT information, what information to prepare, and finally how to send it.

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