Research Rules & Policies

Rules, policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for NIAID clinical research, grants, and contracts.

Clinical Research 

What: Policies and rules for conducting NIAID-funded clinical research

Who: NIAID staff, clinical research partners, clinical research grantees and contractors

Genomic Data Sharing

What: NIAID expects rapid release of large-scale genomic data sets and anticipates that data generated will be made freely available via deposition into publicly accessible and searchable international databases.

Who: NIH-funded extramural and intramural researchers

Grants & Funding

What: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and resources for stages and types of NIAID grants and funding

Who: NIAID staff, potential grant applicants, current applicants, awardees


What: Rules, policies, and SOPs for NIAID contracts

Who: NIAID staff, potential contractors, current contractors


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