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Photo of Zika virus researcher at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center loading samples into a microcentrifuge.

A Zika virus researcher at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center loads samples into a microcentrifuge.

Credit: NIAID

Despite many accomplishments in vaccine research over the years, much remains to be done. NIAID-supported investigators in the United States and other countries and in NIAID laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland, and Hamilton, Montana, are working to reduce the burden of illness by helping to develop vaccines against diseases old and new.

NIAID has three broad goals in vaccine research:

  1. Identify new vaccine candidates to prevent diseases for which no vaccines currently exist.
  2. Improve the safety and efficacy of existing vaccines.
  3. Design novel vaccine approaches, such as new delivery systems and adjuvants.

To achieve these goals, NIAID conducts and supports basic and applied research in fields such as immunology, microbiology, and disease pathology.

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Research Support

Connect With Other Researchers

Researchers at NIAID

Many NIAID labs are engaged in adjuvant research. Investigators from the Laboratory of Malaria Immunology and Vaccinology, Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases, and Laboratory of Systems Biology are collaborating on a special program in vaccine adjuvants. The scientists are evaluating a diverse panel of candidate adjuvants and antigens in mouse and monkey models and in people. In addition, several labs are conducting and participating in adjuvant studies.

Vaccine Adjuvants

Vaccine Adjuvant Research Program

NIAID plays a leading role in the discovery, development, and characterization of new vaccine adjuvants that may be used to: improve the efficacy of current vaccines; design new or improved vaccines for existing and emerging infectious diseases; and develop vaccines to treat allergies, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

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Adjuvant Resources for Researchers

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Resources for Researchers

NIAID offers many resources to support your research. You may request services if you are an investigator in academia, a not-for-profit organization, industry, or government in the United States or worldwide. You need not be a grantee of NIAID or another National Institutes of Health Institute or Center. Each resource outlines eligibility information.

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Funding Opportunities

NIAID is funding research on an abundance of vaccine-related research.

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Programs & Networks

NIAID participates in or funds many different consortia, clinical trial programs, networks, and research collaborations that help to move science forward.

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