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Promptly Determine Whether You’re Eligible to Apply

While a notice of special interest (NOSI) may stipulate eligibility criteria within its Purpose section, most NOSIs defer to the instructions listed in the identified notices of funding opportunities.
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Opportunities and Resources

Research the impact of host and viral heterogeneity on pathogenesis of disease, viral persistence, and immunopathology of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and inform cure strategies for HBV in people living with HIV.
Request support for multi-component, multidisciplinary projects that address scientific questions relevant to AIDS prophylactic vaccine discovery research.
Apply to study early islet dysfunction, autoimmunity initiation, and other metabolic perturbations present during the early stages of type 1 diabetes disease for which there are still few clinical interventions.

In The News

Learn about those exceptional researchers whose projects are already funded through the NIAID New Innovators Awards program.
A trans-NIH committee will develop a timeline and implement changes to improve review of Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) individual fellowship applications.
Prepare for Opportunity to Advance MCM Development for AMR Bacteria and Fungi; Submit Annual Reports to OLAW by December 1, 2023; Provide Feedback on HIV and Women’s Health, Consent Language for Digital Technologies.

Advice Corner

Whom should you ask for help with general matters like identifying an appropriate funding opportunity or discovering available resources?

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