Find a Funding Opportunity

Opportunities & Announcements

Stay abreast of NIAID-relevant funding opportunities, updates to policy, and other announcements of interest to potential grant and award seekers. 

Types of Funding Opportunities

Choosing an award type can have major repercussions on your research and career. Learn about choosing the right type of funding opportunity.

Understand NIAID Research Priorities

To maximize your chance of funding, create an application that fits NIAID research priorities. Review Council-approved concepts, find clues in our initiative list, check NIH databases, and contact a NIAID program officer.

See Funded Projects and More Using NIH Databases

Staying at the cutting edge involves more than just keeping up with the journals and attending scientific conferences. Here's how to use NIH databases to learn about emerging trends in funded research—and potentially find new collaborators, too.

Timelines & Due Dates

To help you make informed decisions at each step, these pages give you an overview of typical grant timing from application to award, including the consequences of applying at different times of the year, the status of the Institute's budget, factors that may delay your award, and other key topics.

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