COVID-19 Research in NIAID Labs

When COVID-19 was identified in early 2020, NIAID intramural laboratory scientists mobilized quickly to study the virus including basic research on its origin, how the virus causes disease, and by developing animal study models with the goals of developing diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines. Much of the coronavirus research ongoing at NIAID takes place in these laboratories:

Division of Intramural Researchers

Laboratory of Bacteriology

Laboratory of Clinical Immunology & Microbiology

Laboratory of Immunogenetics

Laboratory of Immunoregulation

Laboratory of Immune System Biology

Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

Laboratory of Malaria Immunology & Vaccinology

Laboratory of Malaria & Vector Research

Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases 

Laboratory of Neurological Infections and Immunity

Laboratory of Viral Diseases

Laboratory of Virology

Rocky Mountain Laboratories

Research Technologies Branch

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Branch

Vaccine Research Center

Clinical Trials Program

Immunology Laboratory

Humoral Immunology Core

Vaccine Immunology Program

Virology Laboratory

Yeast Engineering Technology and Immunobiology Core

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