Sample Data Sharing Plan

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This is an actual plan from a PI with [brackets] in place of identifying information. Use it to guide your writing and make sure you hit the NIH Key Elements to Consider in Preparing a Data Sharing Plan Under NIH Extramural Support.

You also may want to see the NIH Example Plan for a template you can modify to fit the data you plan to share.

For more information, contact your program officer. Refer to Contacting Program Officers and Grants Management Specialists for guidance.

Sharing of data generated by this project is an essential part of our proposed activities and will be carried out in several different ways. We would wish to make our results available both to the community of scientists interested in [this disease] and the biology of [its causative agent] to avoid unintentional duplication of research. Conversely, we would welcome collaboration with others who could make use of the vaccine assessment protocols developed in [the project].

Our plan includes the following:

Presentations at national scientific meetings. From the projects, it is expected that approximately four presentations at national meetings would be appropriate. There is an annual [Disease] Study Group meeting, of which the PI is secretary. This one-day meeting of interested persons presents new information on a variety of topics related to [the disease]. It is expected that the investigators from this [project] will be active participants of this focused group.

Annual lectureship. A lectureship has brought to the University distinguished scientists and clinicians whose areas of expertise were relevant to those interested in [the disease]. Lecturers have been [list of names]. Visiting lecturers will be scheduled to interact with the investigators of the project as appropriate with their specific areas of expertise which will provide an opportunity for members to present their work to the visitor.

Newsletter. The [disease interest group] publishes a newsletter which currently has a circulation of [number]. The newsletter's intent is to disseminate new information regarding [the disease]. The activities and discoveries of [the project] will be allocated 20% of the newsletter's coverage.

Website of the Interest Group. The [interest group] currently maintains a Web site where information [about the disease] is posted. Summaries of the scientific presentation from the [quarterly project] meetings will be posted on this Web site, written primarily for a general audience. [Link to Web site]

Annual [Disease] Awareness week. Beginning this fall during the week of [date], the [interest group] will be sponsoring a [Disease] Awareness week. As part of that program, there will be a research poster display with discussions. In future years, [the project investigators] will be active participants in this program.

SAGE Library Data. [This project] will generate data from several SAGE libraries. It is our explicit intention that these data will be placed in a readily accessible public database. All efforts will be made to rapidly release data through publication of results as quickly as it is possible to analyze the experiments. Data used in publications will be released in a timely manner. SAGE data will be made accessible through a public site that allows querying as has been set up for a similar project. This site can be accessed at [link to Web site].

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