Additional Letters

Beyond what we already listed at Types of Letters for Grant Applications, you may need to include other letters with your application or just-in-time before award.

Check your chosen funding opportunity and the SF 424 Application Guide carefully for any required letters.

Here are examples of letters you might need to provide with your application:

  • Your NOFO may require your institution to provide a certification letter to state your eligibility or qualifications for the award.
  • The NOFO may require a letter that describes your institution’s commitment to ensuring that proper policies, procedures, and oversight are in place to prevent discriminatory harassment and other discriminatory practices.
  • Small business applications may require additional letters when you apply or later.

You might also need to provide other letters when you Respond to Pre-Award Requests (“Just-in-Time”) before award, such as the following:

More Information

Find our central list of Types of Letters for Grant Applications.

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